Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tag! I'm it!

My bloggy friend, Heather, tagged me to share 6 little known facts about myself. So, here are the rules:

1. Link back to the person that tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your entry.

And now prepare yourselves for 6 truly amazing facts.

1. I have a tattoo on my lower back. I got it when I was 21. (Alcohol? Tattoo? Coincidence?) It hurt like a sonofabitch and because of that I wouldn't get another one, but I don't regret getting it. It's like a personal little thing only I know about. Well, and now you.

2. I once drank 11 beers in an hour (the first hour of a party with my new boyfriend who later became my husband.) I had one in each hand. Then I spent the next hour in a nasty public toilet puking my guts out with my sweetest cousin ever holding my hair back. I remember girls kept coming in and out of the bathroom saying, "Oh, honey. Don't touch the toilet seat." Yeah, didn't really care. My sweet new boyfriend put me in his truck and went back into the party for an hour. Ah, to be 21 again.

3. I have read every Harry Potter book at least 3 times. But I haven't seen any of the movies. I read each previous book before the next one came out so everything was fresh in my mind. My husband bought the 7th book for me at midnight the night it came out and had it on the kitchen table to surprise me. I spent the next 3 hours ignoring my children to read that book. I sobbed. It was an emotional ending to an already emotional book. Reading the LAST Harry Potter book was so strange. I have since reread the last one a few times. Still can't believe it's over.

4. I divide numbers all the time. Like when I look at clocks or licence plates, I divide the numbers. I used to count things (lines on the road, stairs, etc.) but dividing has pretty much taken the place of the counting. When Little Miss was first born and nursing ALL THE TIME, I would sit and stare at the clock diving those numbers. Have I scared any of you off yet?

5. I love fountain Diet Dr. Pepper. It was a joyous occasion when our small midwestern town finally made it available.
6. I sort, wash, and dry laundry all the time. ALL THE TIME. But I hate folding and putting laundry away so I let it pile up. And pile up. And by the time Thursday and Friday roll around, everyone starts sorting through Mt. Laundry for clean socks and underwear. It's pathetic really. I know I shouldn't do the laundry if I don't have time to completely do it, but I just have to have the washer and dryer going nearly all the time. It makes me feel like something is being accomplished. Man, I will be glad when the kiddos are a little older and can help fold the laundry. That will DEFINITELY be one of the chores Mommy passes on to them.
It's amazing what you think of when you just sit in front of a blank screen to write 6 facts. Very random...but now you know that much more about me. I bet you are just overwhelmed.
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Keys to the Magic Travel said...

It's been watching the progression of this tag. I tagged Debbie, who tagged Heather, who tagged you :-)

I love fountain drinks, too. They taste so much better than out of the can. And some places do it better than others. Diet Coke from Sonic or QT is the best.

Heather said...

Yeah hooooo!! I don't drink Diet Dr. Pepper, but I have to agree that fountain drinks are the best. I love Sonic because they have the rabbit turd ice. That's some good crunchin'.

I love your tattoo!!

sari said...

Another fountain drink fan checking in, nothing like an icy cold Coke, yum!

I also love Harry Potter, and I always re-read before the next one came out. I think I cried most of the way through the last book because I knew it was the last one. (I was happy with it, how about you?) I heard they're making the last movie into two movies because they need to properly wrap it up. The movies are good, but I think you should read the book before you see the movie because you just lose so much of the book that's important!!

I'll get to this soon for my six random facts! :-)

Finding Normal said...

You and your numbers. Nutjob! LOL

I'm with you on the Harry. I've watched bits and pieces of a couple of the movies, but not any in entirety. I'll be showing #1 to my class after we finish the read aloud though.

John Deere Mom said...

So excited to see all the fountain soda drinkers! It's the best...and I agree certain places have better drinks. We don't have Sonic near us, and it sounds like I am missing out!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the tag... it has been crazy around here, but I WILL get to it soon!