Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I am stealing this Thursday Thirteen idea from Kat at Sunshine and Lemonade. She had a beautiful post about 13 places she has visited. So, here are 13 places I have visited. Don't get too excited...I am a homebody.

1. Paris, France-Farm Guy won a corporate sponsored trip from John Deere in March of 2001. (I love Paris in the springtime.) We spent a week in Paris, France with a bunch of ag salesmen. Paris had never seen so much plaid until we came to town. But, it was wonderful! I could practically stick my hand out the hotel (Paris kidding!) and touch the Eiffel Tower. Seriously. This is the hotel we stayed in...on this side facing the Eiffel Tower. We went to the Moulin Rouge. It was awesome. We also went to Notre Dame, Versailles, Louvre. We saw it all, baby.
2. Secret for those of you trying to cheat on the guess the honeymoon game!-Farm Guy wanted to go somewhere "different" on our honeymoon. All of our friends were getting married around the same time and were all going to blank, blank, and blank. It was beautiful and wonderful and a great way to start our married life together.

Okay, this post is taking forever and I have only done 2 places! LOL. I think I am going to have to speed this up.

3. Mexico-I went with a school group my junior year of high school. We went to Oaxaca, Mexico City, and Puerto Vallarta. I got to put my Spanish to good use. If I had my scanner hooked up, I would scan in some adorable pics of some of the village kids selling trinkets but alas, it isn't. So, here is the best I can do.
4. Daytona Beach, Florida-This was a family trip with my um, family. Duh. My parents, sister, and I drove in our Ford Aerostar mini-van for a week long stay at the beach. I wore a bright pink swimsuit and thought I was hot stuff. Thank God that scanner isn't hooked up.

5. Hawaii-Another family trip the summer of my 7th grade year. My dad used to travel a TON for work. He earned frequent flier miles. So much so that we were all able to fly to Hawaii for a week for free. We stayed on Oahu the majority of the week, but took a little plane to the big island to see the lava. While there we also saw lava and lava, and oh! a little bit of lava. The highlight of the trip for me was wearing a tie-dyed dress with a big wooden fish necklace. I was hot.

Have you noticed that all of these trips took place prior to the birth of any children? Yes. That's because SINCE the birth of my children, I have not gone more than an hour away. Do you think I am joking? No. You read it right. One hour. Anyway, we are nearly halfway there. Jeez. This is taking forever. Okay, now I am really speeding it up especially since I am going to have to start listing Wal-Mart as a place I have visited. I am running out of places.

6. St. Louis-Went up the arch in the strange little compartments. Did NOT like the swaying motion once I was up there. Won't be doing that again.

7. Lake Michigan-Obviously I didn't stay IN Lake Michigan, but I can't remember the name of the town we stayed in. It was quite amazing to be at a lake, all the while thinking I was at a beach. Sun, sand, waves, it was awesome. It wasn't quite warm enough to really convince me it was a true beach, but beautiful nonetheless.

8. Marengo Cave-Took a weekend road trip with Farm Guy and another couple. I didn't think I would like caves, but it was actually pretty cool. 58 degrees to be exact...

9. Atlanta, Georgia-I had an aunt who lived in Atlanta for years. In high school, I drove down with my grandparents to see my cousin's high school graduation. We must have gone one other time now that I think about it. I can still hear my mom saying, "Look girls, there's more kudzu. Oh, look, kudzu. See that? It's kudzu." Kudzu, lava. Do my parents know how to vacation or what?

10. Pennsylvania-Went with an ex-boyfriend to his sister's wedding. Man, I am getting desperate here.

11. King's Island-We have gone to King's Island in Cincinnati many times. We actually did go here once since having kids (although we left them with Grandma and Grandmpa.) They were too little for anyone to enjoy themselves. I love roller coasters! Surprising since I do not do well with heights. Weird, huh?!

12. Louisville, Kentucky-I have been here several times but don't quite remember what we did there. Shopping?

13. RCA Dome, Indianapolis, IN-Back before the Colts were any good, I went to a game at the RCA Dome. Actually, it was still called the Hoosier Dome at that time. What a sad way to end this post.

There you have it. I hope you're happy. My laundry is overtaking the house. Dishes are piling up. Litter box is smelly. What do I spend an hour doing? I need to get my priorities straight. Yeah, right.

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Finding Normal said...

You SO should've started with #10 and gone the other way, ending with Paris! LOL
I would do this but I have no time and really not many good places that don't involve my brother and I fighting in the back of the Blazer. UGH.
You've only been to ONE Colts game? Seriously? I'm not even a fan and I can claim at least 10! Crazy!
I just found out there's an IKEA in Cincinnati and I'm so thinking (you + me) - kids = awesome shopping trip in June! Wanna???

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Great list -- you have been to some uber cool places. Most of my places were done during the same trip. Truly, we never go anywhere. Really. I would have loved to have seen walmart on your list. That would have been classic :-) takes me FOREVER to write my Thursday Thirteen posts. I have already started working on my list for the next two weeks (places I want to go)...and my house is usually going to pot because I am blogging and not doing what I need to do...because I don't want to :-)

And I think a road trip to IKEA is a great idea. And it's blog fodder. And if you go with might need a uhaul to bring your stuff back!

Heather said...

Oh, everyone has been to such interesting places!!! I really need to get out of the house more. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?! You are a world traveler, and I am jealous!!

Love the bubble photo, too.

Hope this finds you happily chillin' on your own warm deck with the drink of your choice :) Have a nice weekend....

John Deere Mom said...

Deb-Ikea sounds great. Love the order of operations in your equation. :) Yeah, once Colts game. How pathetic.
Kat-I don't know if I can keep this level of Thursday Thirteen up without hiring a nanny and housekeeper.
Heather-After posting those places, I felt a little homesick for my old life...but then I snapped back into reality and realized there's nowhere else I would rather be than right here with my babies.
Mrs. 4444-I am chillin with the windows open (it's currently 77) and enjoying my second glass of Sangria. Hope your Friday is as relaxing as mine. :)