Sunday, April 6, 2008


For those of you who might see me tomorrow, (Deb, that'd be you) won't you please excuse my hangover? I love Oliver wine. It's Farm Guy's standard gift for b-day, anniversary, etc. However, I recently discovered this:

Okay, that just looks like three bottles of Oliver wine. But, no. It is Black Cherry wine. Oh my. It is so wonderfully sweet. It's the bottle on the right there. No, I didn't drink 3 bottles but my one bottle is gone. Hee hee. I don't normally drink a bottle of wine with dinner on a Sunday night, but it's been such a wonderful day and I was out grilling steaks and the weather was nice. That wine was calling my name. It was supposed to be calling my name last night after our date, but I had a major headache. I swear! So I decided to partake this evening and boy am I glad I did. Granted, it makes typing a bit of a challenge. Let's see how bad. I am going to take take the speed test right now. You know, that one where Cupcake kicked my ass despite my best efforts at 105 wpm? Yeah, that one. BRB.

Yeah. 75 wpm. It's hard to type when your hands feel like they weigh 10 pounds. Okay, enough buzzed rambling. Time to open bottle #2.

I kid.

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Finding Normal said...

Wooohooo! I enjoy an Oliver red, and I'm not a red wine kinda girl. It's very sweet.
FYI, I did NOT notice a hangover today. Could be because I partook last night as well. I swear, a glass of wine just makes me a calmer, happier mom. So sue me! Or come over and drink with me!

John Deere Mom said...

Oliver soft red is my wine of choice too! I don't like traditional red wine either, but this stuff is like alcoholic grape deliciousness. So good!

Finding Normal said...

Yes, until you get the red headache. I'm good with white, but red makes my head feel like it's gonna explode! I'm on a Beringer White Zin kick myself!