Monday, April 7, 2008

Stupid Fake Crocs

Farm Guy and I had a conversation at Rural King on our date night about Crocs. I told him I needed a new pair for Little Miss, but they didn't have her size. He pointed out fake Crocs in her size. I explained to him what a difference there was in real vs. fake but I don't think he bought it. The next day the kiddos and I went to Target. They had an adorable pair of fake Crocs that looked pretty darn good. I could hear my husband's voice of reason. So I bought them. BIG mistake.

Here are the stupid fake Crocs.

And here are my poor baby girl's feet after her LONG day at daycare. Both feet with red, raw blisters. Luckily they let her go barefoot most of the day once she started complaining about her ouchies.

As if I need one more thing to feel guilty about for taking my kids to daycare so I can be with other people's kids all day. Hmpf.

I finally got Little Miss settled and calm this evening. Apparently she had a pretty rough day. Here she is at 5:04 p.m. while watching Little Bear. This child NEVER falls asleep without a big production. I can't think of any other time since being an infant that she just fell asleep. Sweet baby girl.

Now the kids are eating supper. I let them eat a "picnic" supper in the living room on a blanket tonight because, well, I am a guilt-ridden working mom, that's why.

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Finding Normal said...

Get thee to the outlet mall for real crocs at a discounted price ASAP! Poor girl. Although...indoor picnic is a Mother of the Year type of thing. Bonus points if you served picnic fare!

John Deere Mom said...

I know. I definitely need to get to the outlet mall. I SOOOOO wish we had thought of that while on our date RIGHT by the mall. But I didn't and now it's majorly out of my way.
Indoor it! Let's see if I win M.O.T.Y. They had hot dog, celery, pineapple, pretzels, and a croissant. Yeah, not the best supper ever but it's been worse. Much worse.

Finding Normal said...

sounds good to me! Noah had a roll up, grapes, tomatoes, and broccoli salad that he picked the brocc out of. Which is right--broccoli or brocolli?????

Heather said...

My husband and I have this same exact argument about Crocs. He just doesn't get it. You're not alone in your fight, sister.

teachergirl said...

I so love being the guilt ridden working mother. I went back to teaching full-time when PrepGirl was in fourth grade and BrownBear started kindergarten; the first thing PrepGirl said was, "Who's going to take care of me?" and I cried, "I don't know." Some days, I still don't know. But guess what? She got past it and it has made her a better person. Maybe it will get her through college. Or make her a better mother.