Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Your Shoe's Untied

Oh, April Fool's Day. How I long for you to be on a weekend. Having an entire day devoted to pranks and tricks on a school day with 11 year olds is just cruel. Granted, it could have been much worse. My innocent little students were so pathetic in their attempts. Just how many times can my shoes be untied? I don't think my shoes have EVER been untied unintentionally.
Here are the things I heard today.

"Your shoes are untied."
"Have you seen your eraser?" said the boy grinning from ear to ear with my eraser behind his back.
"Your shoes are untied."
"I kicked the ball into the parking lot and it shattered your car window." Cheesy grin.
"Your shoes are untied."
"I saw a mouse running under your desk." Hee hee.
"Your shoes are untied."

Thank goodness it's almost over. Tractor Boy and Little Miss are oblivious. However, their older brother, I mean Dad, isn't home yet. He LIVES to trick people and by people I mean me. I can't believe he hasn't pulled something over on me yet. I have a feeling the worst is yet to come.


I still have my pregnancy test from Little Miss. Hee hee. That ought to knock a few years off the poor man's life when he finds it on the kitchen table.

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Jax said...

OMG! That is too funny! Hoss (age 8) came home from school with "Look there's a spider!" I feel sorry for his teacher today!

Finding Normal said...

Proof yet again that you're much nicer than me...I outlawed pranks and threatened green cards to anyone who tried one on anyone! How stupid did our fav 1st grade teacher look today with her entire outfit on backwards?!?! So bizarre.

Christy said...

I am a Reading Specialist so I am constantly switching out groups of children. Since I see about fifty children a day I got to hear plenty of April Fool's jokes. It really does get old. I dread this day every year. I do play along though and the children have a good time.

Heather said...

It reminds me of the Spongebob April Fool's episode. My girls kept telling me there was a bug on my back and then screaming April Fools. every. time. The same joke. A bojillion times.