Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Friday

It has been a busy week.

I took Little Miss to the doctor yesterday for an ear infection. I wish doctors' offices would take a mom's word for granted. I KNOW when my kids have ear infections. Do I really need to schlep all the way to the dr. office? Really?
Anyway, I got her Rx filled. Put her to bed. At 11:00 last night she wakes up puking all over her crib. Great. I strip her, strip the bed, get everything changed and put her back to bed. An hour later she is puking again. Ordinarily I would try to take the day off, but we had a field trip today AND my partner teacher was already out on a personal day. Wouldn't that just be great to have BOTH teachers out and send 48 5th graders to a symphony concert with 2 subs?! I don't think so. Luckily, the midnight barf was the last one and she never had a fever. So, I dropped both kids off at daycare. Daycare provider informs me that 5 kids are at home puking. She warns me. Yeah, been there, done that lady. But did I tell her that I was sticking her with a pukey/tired 2 year old? Um, no. Yes, I am Mother of the Year.

All puking aside, we had a freaking earthquake today! Seriously. In Indiana. I was sitting right here at this very spot at 5:30 this morning waiting for my flat iron to heat up when the house starts shaking and rumbling. Dishes were rattling. It was crazy. I don't remember ever feeling an earthquake before. Very unsettling.

Our field trip today was long and hot. Well, the bus ride anyway. I hate the school bus. I get car sick so I have to sit up front. I get super hot and red faced. Then I got a screaming headache halfway up there that lasted until about an hour ago. Ugh. Luckily the weather was fantastic and after the orchestra and lunch, we were able to stop at a local park so the kids could run off a little energy. Of course, many of them were bored the moment we stepped off the bus and wanted to GET BACK ON THE BUS to play their DS. Are you kidding me?! GO PLAY!

I leave you with this sad, sad newspaper article. Even's from my town.

Dollar Palace vs WalMart
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Mrs4444 said...

Poor kid :( I hope she's feeling better. I heard about your quake this morning...glad you're fine, though a little unnerved. I've been in two (one in Alaska, which should the bookcases, and one Central Illinois, which was pretty minor.) It could be worse, for sure! Be glad you don't live in California...or India...or Thailand. :)

Finding Normal said...

Poor girl! Next time, get a sub and send me on the field trip and leave the sub with my class!
Slept through the quake.
Hope the pukies avoid the rest of you.