Monday, June 30, 2008

Can I get a do over please?

The Boy woke up last week with a red, enlarged ear. By the end of the day, it was HUGE and he kept flipping it and saying it itched.

I pulled his bed out from the wall and what did I see? A spider. *shiver* I HATE spiders. So the thought of a spider ON my first born child and biting him was horrifying. I quickly killed the spider, vacuumed, dusted, and sprayed spider killer around the outside of the house, especially by his room.

Then I took him to the doctor because his ear was so big! I wish now I had waited a day because after a 30 minute, kid-fussing drive to the doctor, an $80 office visit, a rubber glove full of ice, and a recommendation to use Benadryl, we were on our way home.

Here's my little man later that day. Pathetic, no?

Moving on.

Yesterday we went to Target. We didn't have a real reason, just wanted to get out of the house and see if I could snag any more bargains. (I didn't, but I have my eye on a garden bag that I am hoping will be clearanced soon. Then that baby is mine.)

When we got to the checkout, the Girl was in the cart and the Boy was ahead of me, super excited about his new fake snakes. I was putting our things on the register belt while an older man (about 60ish?) was paying. I heard the cashier say, "You must be excited about your new snakes." I didn't pay much attention until I look over and see the Boy's snakes in the other customer's bag. He had just swiped his credit card. Before I even figured out what was going on, he had inadvertantly paid for the snakes!

I was stuttering and all, "Ma'am. Those are our snakes. Not his." To the very annoyed man, "Sir, I am so sorry. I didn't see him give those to the cashier."

So then I had to wait with my fussy girl and my uber-embarrassed son who was now on the floor, hanging his head while the cashier went through what can only be described as a LONG, 5 step process to issue this poor man a cash refund for paying for our snakes with his credit card.


After this fiasco, I needed Starbucks. So I went over and ordered my grande, non-fat, raspberry mocha, no whip. This was my saving grace. My little special treat. I was handed some white chocolate concoction.
"What is this?!"
"Uh, didn't you say white chocolate?"
I had never uttered the word white nor chocolate. So now I have a blicky drink, a 2 year old singing, "Mocha, mocha, mocha, mocha" over and over, a 4 year old pouting in a rather dramatic fashion, and a 30 minute drive home with broken car DVD players.

Good times.

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Karen said...

Awwwww .. poor little man :-( We have Black Widows around here. I went to put my foot in my slipper, awhile back, and saw something move. It was a large Black Widow. I now shake all my shoes out, before putting them on.

Poor you ... what a day. First the snale fiasco, then the mocha mess up and a broken DVD player on top of all that.

A big sympathetic hug, heading your way..

Kat said...

Spiders, snakes, and bad coffee oh my! But you went to Target. Shouldn't that make up for a lot?

Lindsay said...

Aww, the poor little man! :( I hope he's feeling OK, I know how bad that can feel.

You should have complained to the Starbucks barista more. She may have made you a new drink. The image of your daughter chanting "mocha, mocha, mocha, mocha!" is really funny to me, though. I'm sure it wasn't so much at the time.

Hope things are going better now!

AFRo said...

My Goodness! I don't know about a do over, but you definitely deserve to spend the next day in bed with that raspberry mocha being delivered by the hubby!

Rhea said...

Oh, dear. Spiders, fake snakes, cashier mistakes, broken DVD players and a weird Starbucks switcharoo. Not the best day ever!

I guess the bag wasn't on clearance yet?

I have big news! I have a new look on my blog and a new address!! So come over when you have a chance.

Debbie said...

Love the garden bag (I would so diaper bag that!), love the Boy's haircut. Hate the ear and the spider and the broken DVD players.
On the other hand, if you have any good DVDs you wanna loan me for our vacation, bring em with you on Thursday! Noah loves his shows on DVD from the library, but I'm not paying $ because I know they'll be overdue, which is $1/day each. EEK!
As for your mocha, why didn't you just get the correct one?
You're having a helluva week, my friend! Don't be brining your crap luck over here, you hear??

Debbie said...

Oh, and I saw garden bags on 30% off today. Not sure if your beauty was amongst them since I only went down the aisle that had the adorable giraffe galoshes. We did the Target-trip-for-sanity today.

John Deere Mom said...

Karen-black widows?! Eek! I don't think I would ever sleep. Thanks for the big hug!!

Kat-You are correct, my friend. Going to Target is always a treat. It's just usually not so complicated!

Lindsay-Yeah, the mocha, mocha, mocha, a million times. Not funny. And then she would say, "You don't like white mocha?" No, my little one who never misses anything...I do not!

Afro-I think if my hubby brought me a glass of water, let alone a raspberry mocha in bed...I would drop dead. But thanks for the thought!

Rhea-Nope. No sale on the bag yet. I am lovin your new blog!

Deb-Yeah, we browsed the super cute30% off aisle. That's where we (tragically) found the fake snakes and a cute pair of sunglasses for Little Miss. No discount on the cute bag yet, though.
I will look through our DVDs and bring 'em over Thursday. I gotta admit they are all scratched to hell so they might skip and jump...but I will see what we have.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a day you had! I say better safe than sorry with The Boy! Spider bites are scary stuff! Ewww....they give me the creeps!!! I had Starbucks screw up my order today too.....what's up with them anyway???
Hey, I have a web coupon for Target I should send you...

tinabean1988 said...

Poor little man.
I hate spiders more than anything I would have done the same thing as you.

Mrs. R said...

Good time at Target! Yesterday I bought condoms (don't ask. took out IUD, CM is swearing he will get a vasectamy, but in the meantime...)and the initially chatty, teenaged, most likely gay cashier got really quiet and looked down. What, now I am not cool enought to buy condoms?

Oh, that poor boy with his red ear... my eye just spied something about a Russian Peasant.. you know how I feel about

Deanna said...

I love the garden tote!! Have you ever checked out Ebates? I try to do all my shopping through there...well, actually, you just log in there and then navigate to your shopping site of personal preference.

And SPIDERS!! ICK! Your poor baby with that swollen ear!! My husband works outside about 70% of the time and generally brings those things home on him. I swear he's a spider magnet. He also has spider phobia. Bad combination - makes him scream (but that's kinda funny).

Oh! what was the verdict on the Russian peasant picture?

Deanna said...

And Starbucks should have redone your drink!! It's not your fault they weren't listening! Besides, they make like 200% profit off those things, they can afford to redo ONE drink. ya know? They could just give that white chocolate mocha with the whipped cream on top to someone else...someone unselfish and willing to sacrifice their diet to help you with a drink you don't want...someone like ME!!

Okay...I'm done stalking your blog for today. :) Happy July 1st!

Heather said...

Some days are just all wrong. I get all grumpy when they mess up my drink order. Don't they know THAT's what is supposed to make my day better??

Sidney said...

And what DID we do before portable DVD players?? Mine's broken right now too. Hope little man is better soon, and you too! Try for that Starbucks again...hopefully they'll get it right!

-Bridget said...

After all of that I think I would have been in a mood where I shoved the drink back and demanded he make it with the 15 adjectives I gave him and get it right.

Mama Dawg said...

Oh, you poor woman. I had that happen to me (the Target thing) and the lady just said, "Oh, well, enjoy your snacks!" (it was gold fish or something like that), smiled and left!

I couldn't believe it. Granted, it was only 99 cents, but still!

Sarah said...

That is a super cute garden bag! I so would've had them remake my drink!

scargosun said...

Yes, you deserve a do over.

Jamie said...

I found your blog on The Secret Is In The Sauce. The last time i had "ear problems" i ended up in the ER and they fished a giant necklace bead out of my ear.

I work at a Target....right now it's making me very sad.

sari said...

I hope your son is feeling better, could his ear be ANY bigger (no, chandler, it couldn't!).

I hate those days when every little thing seems to go the wrong way. After a while, you just have to laugh or you'd go bonkers.

Danielle said...

Poor little ear! That stinks!!

I hate days like these. I say try tomorrow at Target. Do over's at Target are always allowed!


LINDA said...

Definitely sounds like a Monday....
Starbucks should have replaced your coffee with the correct one!!!
I'd say the snake thing was not so bad--just inconvenient. But that biting spider had to go. Did you know that hedge balls are a natural deterent to spiders and other insects, as well? Just put them in your basement or around the foundation outside.
BTW--the little farmer is really cute....

John Deere Mom said...

Z's mom-Starbucks gets my order wrong a long..especially the no whip part. That's a tough one because while I really do want the whip, I know I shouldn't have it. It makes it tough to complain...

Tina-Thanks. I felt very lame for being there with what amounted to nothing...but I am still glad I took him to the dr. just to be on the safe side

Mrs. R-Let's arrange a double vasectomy for our husbands. Maybe we can get a discount. Buy one, get one free? Hubby needs one too. He says he will...just hasn't yet made that appointment.

Deanna-I will have to check out Ebates...never have. When I got my wrong drink, I was so exasperated and annoyed that I just needed to get out of there. I will treat myself to one tomorrow on my kid-free day.

Heather-Totally! Moms have such few special treats...I felt like crying when I got the wrong one!

Sidney-I am mourning the DVD players. I work, shop, and spend much of my time 30 minutes away so they come in VERY handy with my ever chatty kids. I hope it's a simple fix!

Bridget-I probably would have done that but I was so annoyed with the whole situation I just got the he11 out of dodge!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

This reminds me of how, in CA, I asked for Capuccino at McDonald's, thinking I'd get my favorite, cheap-ass gas station-quality cap. I had gone through drive-through and went back to have it replaced (didn't taste right at all!). After the second replacement, I actually went inside to address it. (Yes, I wanted it that bad.) That's when I saw that McDonald's in CA has REAL capuccino machines, which produce an altogether different product than what we're used to here in WI. Grrr. So, I know how you felt.

Your little guy is adorable, even with an elephant ear! :)

Veggie Mom said...

I'm always in a Starbucks kind of mood after being involved in a "fiasco." Hey, did you know You're a Winner? Sent you an e-mail yesterday--please reply soon, so we can get those Pop'rs in the mail!

Mamahut said...

Poor little man! Nasty spiders. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

Yikes, what a day. I know your glad it's over!! {:o)

Christine said...

cute bag - but ouch on the rest of the day. Sounds like one of mine lately!

Sunshine said...

Yes...good times. If it didn't happen to you, it would FOR SURE happen to me, girl!