Monday, June 16, 2008

Imperfectly Beautiful

The Nester is always sharing her beautiful crafts, house, family, even window mistreatments. Her opinion is, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." Although I am working on some projects around the house, none of them are perfect nor beautiful at the moment. So I didn't think I would share anything today. Then I saw this.
Dirty boots. Are they perfect? Far from it. They are usually involved in some sort of manure situation that I don't like to think about. They often track dirt and mud through the house when they are not left in the MUD room...usually right after I have swept and mopped the kitchen floor. They smell. They have frayed laces. They leave dried mud turned dirt wherever they sit.

But beautiful? Yes. Seeing my husband's boots next to my son's boots makes my smile. Seeing my little boy turn into such a hard-working miniature Farm Guy melts my heart. Watching them lace up their dirty boots together, my son's eyes bright with anticipation, a smile stretched across each of their faces, ready to go work hard "like men." Beautiful.

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Christine said...

Oh, how completely adorable. I know what you mean about watching your son grow up and turn into your husband (hopefully without any of the things that drive you crazy!)

The Nester said...

very clever!

I thought about you during all of the flooding last week!

Debbie said...

That is beautiful. Although you can keep the smell out there in the kuntry please. :)

The Mom said...

Super interpretation of beautiful!! Sometimes the 'dirtiest' things are purdy!

Blarney said...

Love it. Our house is matching toolboxes. Little Man has got all the tools names & uses memorized ... they grow up too fast!

Merrie said...

That was touching. I love what you saw. :)

christie said...

What you said about your son is so super-sweet!

Rhea said...

I think that's a perfect, beautiful picture also! I love boots...workboots, hiking boots, especially cowboy boots...worn and loved and hard worked. Tells a story.

Carrie said...

That needs to be on a poster or a calendar or the front of a Father's Day card or on a FFA brochure or the cover of your book or add it to your head or ...

Sunshine said...

((siiiiigh))...I love it.

Sheri said...

You're right. That is gorgeous!

You've been tagged . . . come on over and play!

Mama Dawg said...

I love pictures like that. I have one of my daughter's white sneakers next to my white sneakers and it's one of my favorite pics.

Angie said...

Christine-I agree! I wish we could pick and choose the husband traits our sons get!

Nester-Thanks! The flooding was crazy. Thankfully none of our family were affected, but MANY people lost everything.

Deb-I rarely smell the "kuntry" anymore...until they spread manure. The poop smell doesn't bother's the rancid, ammonia smell that gags me.

The Mom-I agree. I've got all kinds of dirty things around here! Some are definitely prettier than others.

Blarney-It's amazing how much little boys look up to and admire their dads without even learning to do so. They just DO.

Merrie-Thanks! My husband would be surprised I loved it with as much trouble as he gets into tracking dirt in the house.

Christie-Thanks! It's amazing how much my son imitates my husband. He says all.the.time how he is going to grow up to be just like daddy and even work at the same place.

Rhea-I agree. I find my husband most attractive in his work boots and work clothes. Just so manly and rugged.

Carrie-You're funny!

Sunshine-Thanks! I figure many people think it's crazy but once you see them walking toward the truck in their boots hand in hand, you get it.

Sheri-Yay! I love getting tagged. Will post my 6 things soon.

Mama Dawg-It's funny what moves us. It's rarely the typical photo but those unusual moments that are caught.