Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Here are thirteen things I miss about having a baby (don't worry...I don't miss any of these things badly enough to actually HAVE another baby.)

1. Cradling a tiny, snuggly baby
2. One piece sleepers
3. Nursing (once the bloody nipples scabbed over that is)
4. Smelling baby lotion and their sweet milk breath
5. Cooing and sighing
6. Feeling that tiny hand grasp my finger
7. Rocking a baby to sleep
8. All the "first" milestones-first smile, crawl, word, tooth, etc.
9. Silky smooth skin
10. Seeing the excited look and kicking legs when Mommy comes into the room
11. The stroller travel system-I loved putting the carseat with the still sleeping baby into the stroller to walk or shop
12. Holding a sleeping baby on my chest
13. Quiet car rides

Stay tuned next week for thirteen things I do NOT miss about having a baby.

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amy said...

what a sweet beautiful post with rockin pictures!!!

Mines up and and I am promoting an easy contest with prizes from our Disney Cruise for my hubby, hope you will visit!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Love the baby pics.

Yeah, I like all that stuff too...but I'm missing my sleep and running into the store for anything now is the worst!!!

Soul Pockets said...

I too miss all those things you mentioned. My youngest is now a toddler, the baby days are flying away.

Carol said...

Awwww...I miss it to. *sniff*

But not THAT bad! I guess I get another go-round as a grandma, but with give-em-back-when-you're-ready perks, eh?

Heather said...

I love it when you post pictures of the kiddos. They are seriously cute!! And I agree, newborns are so sweet, but I like to give them back after I've gotten my snuggles.

Debbie said...

Aww, too sweet!

Kat said...

There is just nothing sweeter than a baby asleep on your chest. But like you, I don't miss those things enough to have another.

Christine said...

ohh, i will try and package some of it up and send it over in november. ;)

Stace said...

awwwww...makes me miss babies too...not enough for another...but I love those one piece sleepers and the way a babies head smells. Thanks for sharing :-D

Lindsay said...

I love me some little babies, too! Your post makes me want another one now, too. I think we're going to wait on that, because with babies come sleepless nights, explosive diaper situations, and complete unpredictability. I'll have to stick to reminiscing for now!

Rhea said...

I miss nursing and holding a sleeping baby. Gosh, it's so easy to forget all the bad parts....hold me back, no more babies here....but my heart wants one!!

Some Law Student said...

Awww!!! Being the mom to 3 (11,8,& 6) I can totally empathize with this list. Love the pictures too. :) Happy TT!

Kristen Andrews said...

so are those the things babies do that don't have COLIC? My kiddo had Colic for 5 months!