Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I need to do will do this summer.

1. Join a gym. I know. I know. I keep saying it...but I WILL do it. Tomorrow.

2. Replace the metal porch railing with white vinyl fencing.

3. Take the hideous border down and repaint the dining room.

4. Gravel one flower bed and mulch another.

5. Get the carpet in the family room cleaned.

6. Go to garage sales on Fridays with happy, pleasant, non-whiney children. (Anybody know where I can get some of those?)

7. Have more playdates with Deb, Noah, and Addison.

8. Keep using my Crock Pot at least twice a week.

9. Go on a date (probably with my husband.)

10. Back all of my pictures up on CD when HP Slimine gets back (if the pics are still there.)

11. Paint the neglected, faded shutters on the house.

12. Read the 5 books from this list that I haven't yet read.

13. Get my daughter off the paci. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

And to keep me honest, I will post when each of these things happens. I think. Yes, I will. But don't hold your breath.

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insane mama said...

About the paci, I threw my kids into the pool ( my neighborhood pool) and told her if she could get it, it was hers to keep. It sunk and she didn't swim well, so she never got it and at night she said "when I swim really good i'm gonna get it"

About the gym thing, it's over rated

Becky said...

We took our oldest son to Build-A-Bear where he put his paci in his bear.

Danielle said...

I like insane mama's tip.

Insane, yes. But I like it.

We tried a "Papu" (what we called it) fairy.

We hung Papu on a tree outside, and the Papu fairy replaced it with a toy.

Bribery. But, eh. What can you do?

And, it didn't work.

You can make your payment out to "You suck" and send it anyday. haha!


Arlene said...

I liked the build a bear idea, very clever. Great list and the gym is over rated.

scargosun said...

Those are excellent goals. Now I feel like a wuss... I need some goals.

tinabean1988 said...

That's a good list.
about the paci I really like the build a bear idea.
With my daughter we did the cut a little portion off each day til the nipple part was gone & nothing to suck on. She wouldn't put it in her mouth after the 1st cut just carried it around until I convinced her it was broken & needed to go in the garbage.
With my son I was getting him out of his car seat one night at the grocery store & I had parked by one of those ground drain thingy's anyway when I picked him up out of his seat he dropped his bink outside, it didn't go down the drain but I told a little white lie & said that it did. (I hid it in my pocket)
He asked for it a couple of times, I reminded him where it went & after that he was fine.
I'm with the rest of them on the gym It's way over rated.

Kat said...

I love the paci in the build a bear idea. My oldest used a paci - but we got her to where she only got it at naptime (not bedtime...just naptime). And then for an entire year we talked about how on her third birthday, the paci was going away. And it did.

I went over to the book list - because I have to - and found one I had not read.

And for the gym...I keep reading about bloggers who are getting a wii and getting the wii fit and doing that instead. Cheaper than a gym...and something the whole family can enjoy. And I actually found a link to get a wii...since they are never in the stores here. I couldn't find a wii fit, but I did get a wii with all the sports hook-ups. But...I put it away until Christmas.

Monday through Sunday said...

I got an elliptical in my room and actually am using it! It has been two weeks..hopefully the newness will not wear off and I will get where I absolutely love to exercise like so many tell me happens..:)

Love the crock pot...any great recipes?

As for borders or wallpaper..yuck! I have taken so much down..that I would rather never see another wallpapered/bordered wall!

Hope you get it ALL done..have a great summer!!

Jennifer said...

Try Wii Fit... It's more fun and you don't have to go anywhere.

DrillerAA said...

About that paci, sometimes cold turkey is the best. Just toss it, put up with the fussing for a little while and they will get over it far quicker than you might think.
Those kinds of experiences are typically more traumatic on the parents than on the kids.

Angie said...

You people are amazing! Ask and you shall receive. Thanks for the paci ideas. Now I just need to be firm and stay strong. Not sure which I will try. Great ideas, though!
I am also leaning towards getting something in-home rather than the gym. Boy, I am easily swayed. I was dreading the gym idea because in the summer I would have to take both kids and I just can't see that going well at all. And during the year I would feel too rushed to get the kids from daycare. So I am off to investigate Wii fit and/or an elliptical machine.
Dumb question. Do I need a regular Wii and a Wii fit? We are video game free here so I have no idea.

Soul Pockets said...

Great goals, I need to work on mine. So far all I have is 'wake up in the morning" :)

Debbie said...

Awww, we made your list!
You need a Wii and a Wii fit, I think. The Wii fit is like an accessory package for the Wii. Good luck finding one around here! Me? Oh, I just finished off some M&Ms cuz it's naptime and we went to Donner today to play and I'm hot and tired. I did see a commercial for a Pilates Machine the other day that I keep meaning to google. Hmm...
Paci--she's so smart, leave them for the Paci Fairy to trade in for a toy. Or tell her Addi needs them (that whole mothering thing she's got going on might fall for this) and wrap them in a present, we'll open them and oooh and ahhh and "give" them to Addison, who will look at me with utter confusion and drop them, then the dog will steal them and leave them throughout the house for me to step on. Great idea!
I have a list on the bar of my summer to-do list. I added "clean pantry" last week, just so I could cross something off. Heh.
Oh, and more dates? Come on over! Science something-or-other at Donner tomorrow at 1:30.

Alice Audrey said...

Joining a gym is easy. It's the constant going afterward that's hard.

Debbie said...

And which 5 haven't you read? The Time Traveler's Wife is so slow to start, if that's one.

Rhea said...

You are brave, getting your blog buddies to follow you on completing these tasks!! lol Good luck with your list. I LOVE crossing out things from my list. It's an addiction...

someday said...

Good luck on getting everything done this summer! You can do it. I've heard lots of tips on getting rid of a paci, I can't remember them all but one of them was mailing the paci anyway to another "child" somewhere who needed it. Something like that.

AFRo said...


Anonymous said...

Great list, now I feel like I should make one too...ahhh, maybe tomorrow, LOL

My boys'gave up their paci's on their own, thank goodness, but my step daughter, she's another story! I finally told her I was throwing it away, tell it bye...she did and well, she did fine, but uh, she was almost four I think!

I'm a member of the Y and LOVE it...but I also own the Wii Fit and LOVE LOVE LOVE need both the Wii and the Wii Fit package, but it is SO worth it!!!!

Good luck with your list...and thanks for making me feel guilty for NOT having one;) LOL

Heather said...

Let me know if you find out where to get some non-whiney kids. I'm in the market.

Bubba said...

Wow...ambitious summer ahead! I have a gym membership...but with my training for the 3-day walk coming up, I usually just walk outside. Yep, even in Arizona. Our Saturday morning training is at 6am. Blech.

Great list...good luck!

Mamahut said...

Nice list. Way to make me feel lazy! If I can keep the kids from killing each other this summer, I will have succeeded.

Christy said...

We gave our oldest daughter's paci to a puppy that didn't have a mom. When she cried for it we reminded her that the puppy really needed it!

Mrs. R said...

We traded the Paci for a Buzz lightyear. WHATEVER YOU DO STICK TO IT. Do not under any circumstances give the paci back. So, make sure you are commited and ready.

We had one rough night. And then, it was like the thing never existed.

KimmyJ said...

I have read 9 of those 13 books and they were all good!

My mom said she snipped the paci of with scissors a little each night till it was gone. She said it worked with all 4 of us, but I'm not sure if that is safe - might be a choking hazzard...thanks, mom! Geesh!

WheresMyAngels said...

oh girl, back up your pictures. Okay I still haven't, even though my lap top crashed a few years ago and I lost all the pictures from my 4 year old's first year of life :(

Storm said...

Good luck on getting everything done on your list. Happy TT!