Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Making Progress

I made this list a week ago to get me motivated this summer. I am happy to report that I can cross several off of my list ALREADY!

Thirteen things I will do this summer.
1. Join a gym. I know. I know. I keep saying it...but I WILL do it. Tomorrow.
2. Replace the metal porch railing with white vinyl fencing.
3. Take the hideous border down and repaint the dining room.
4. Gravel one flower bed and mulch another.
5. Get the carpet in the family room cleaned.
6. Go to garage sales on Fridays with happy, pleasant, non-whiney children. (Anybody know where I can get some of those?)
7. Have more playdates with Deb, Noah, and Addison.
8. Keep using my Crock Pot at least twice a week.
9. Go on a date (probably with my husband.)
10. Back all of my pictures up on CD when HP Slimine gets back (if the pics are still there.)
11. Paint the neglected, faded shutters on the house.
12. Read the 5 books from this list that I haven't yet read.
13. Get my daughter off the paci. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I joined the YMCA about 30 minutes ago. I took the kids with no intentions of actually exercising today, but just to check it out. The babysitting room was closed but we were able to go in and look around. They had JOHN DEERE tractors! Needless to say, I think the kids will be okay with staying there tomorrow while mommy works out. Yay! And it was cheaper than I had anticipated so all is good. I will let you know how it goes after my first work out session.

We went to 2 garage sales last week with no whining, so I am crossing that off although I will continue to garage sale as many Fridays as we can. :)

We had a playdate with Deb, Noah, and Addison last week (?) or the week before and have another one planned this week. I know we will continue to play, so I am marking that sucker off.

I used my Crock Pot late last week and have another meal planned for Thursday. Time to mark it off!

We had an unexpected date on Saturday. I hope to have another one this summer, but I made my goal!

I feel great about being able to cross things off the list already! Oh, and Little Miss has not had paci all day. We packed them up along with some toys and took them to her 5 month old cousin this morning. She was all psyched about doing it because, "I not a baby anymore I a big girl, right Mommy?" Since then there has been some fussing and demanding of the paci but I haven't given in. (Yes, I kept one here just in case.) But, if nothing else we are at least down to paci at night only and maybe gone for good. I will keep you updated.

Now it's time to get the kids' supper made and then out for swing set time! And they are being eerily quiet...gotta run!!

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Danette said...

Hi! I sorta just stumbled onto your blog, the John Deere thing and all, and we have some things in common...such as I love my crock pot (I've done some awesome overnight egg dishes!) and I would love to join a gym. Congrats and good luck!

The Mom said...

Love lists and checking each item off, feels so accomplished!

Kat said...

I love making lists. And espeically love making lines through things. Makes me feel like I have actually accomplished things. And look at how much you have done!

Debbie said...

YAY for crossing off! I'm impressed with how many you've gotten done in less than a week!
I bet they're loving the swingset!
I'm jealous of your YMCA and your playroom. Maybe with my sitter being closer this year, I'll have time to do something.

Anonymous said...

Oh congratulations on the crossing off of some things on your list!! You will LOVE the YMCA! I love mine;)

Angie said...

Danette-Thanks! I love meeting new blog friends. I will go visit you now.
Deb-I think you should definitely use the price of gas/extra 40 minutes of kid time excuse with the current sitter. No one could argue with that.
Mom and Kat-Crossing off lists is the best! Sometimes I even make a list after I've done something, just to cross it off. :)
Lane Mom-I am excited about working out and getting a tiny break from the kids most days. I hope they enjoy their playtime. Little Miss was loving watching them swim today so hopefully it will be a win-win for us all!

Mrs. R said...

Okay, lists rock. Crossing things off lists rocks even harder.

I need to find a new verb that is not from the 80's.

Missy's Blog said...

I'm stepping out of "Lurkerville" to offer advice on helping your daughter get over the paci.

Okay ... this worked for us ... not sure if it will work for everyone.

My son is 3-years-old and he still had his paci until about 2 months ago when he napped and at night. One night we just told him the paci's had gone bye-bye. He knew where we kept them, and where we hid the extras. We had made sure to put them all away ... and we let him look in the places to confirm they were indeed gone. It took about 2 nights of him asking before he realized, hey they are really gone. The first night I think he cried just a little ... but quickly got over it.

At about the same time, my SIL sent him a special snuggly pillow ... you know the kind that have those little beady type things in them and they are really squishy? Well, he uses that as his lovely when he sleeps now ... and I totally think replacing the paci with the pillow was a good idea.

Every once in awhile he'll tell us he wants a paci, but we remind him that he's a big boy and big boys don't use pacis.

Again ... this worked for us. Could it possibly work for you too?

Jill said...

hmmmm you might have inspired me.....

Congrats on getting things checked off!

Rhea said...

You go girl! I'm so impressed you're crossing things off your list, and way to go, going the Y! YAY!@!!

Mama Dawg said...

Good for you!

Check out this contest. This might help you to get motivated on the railing thing.


Anonymous said...

Look at you go! Yep, i'm a list maker too....got them all over my house...I always forget to go look at them.....

Katy Lin :) said...

woo hoo! congratulations! i love being able to cross stuff off my list!